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Shoutouts Archive (11th April 2021)

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11th April 2021

Helen 23:15

Baby is born - I could see it moving. Oh! Hi, Monika!

Monika20 21:15

May everything go fine with the new lamb or lambs in the pen!

Helen 20:35

That's amazing that they all just decide to head for 'home' when it gets nasty. It was like a magic signal - they all just turned and followed one. There must be an "Alpha" in the group. Nice to watch this one in the pen.

Dan 20:09

Stay tuned to the ewe in the pen. She should be giving birth in the coming hours.

Dan 20:08

I don't do anything Helen, they know where the shelter is and they take themselves off to it when it snows and rains.

Helen 19:33

I'd love to know how Dan gets them all to gather and follow the leader into shelter. Might be a little pot-banging - I can't hear any other signal, but they cleared the field in jiffy time.

Helen 19:17

Snow!!! and sheep in their ways somewhere - maybe indoors?

Ric 19:16

Snowing away!

Helen 17:25

16:37:37 - Mom and baby boy. It happened very quickly.

Helen 16:38

I just caught a glimpse of Mom and son trotting across the field. He has good little legs.

Helen 14:29

Your weather is certainly colder than ours this coming week. Not warm here but not down to freezing. I hope the newbies will be OK.

Gradon 13:18

Oh that was live in the early hours!

Gradon 13:17

Thankyou Dan, A view of mum and her new boy!

Gradon 12:40

And there, the snow was gone, it must getting warmer!

Ric 11:27

Snow melting quickly.

Neil 11:03

Good Morning Folk after another coating of snow, & Ewe & Lamb are safe & comfy in the warmth of indoors, Wishing You All a Good Day, with at least the Sun shining & some blue sky showing itself...

Ric 10:55

Morning all.

Cindy 08:56


Gradon 07:48

Good Snow and Frosty morning, The Blackbird in full song, the Curlew and Pheasant calling along with the sheep and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker hammering away, All the joys of spring!

Milly 06:44

Lots of snow outside.

Milly 06:42

Mums keeping baby warm.

Milly 06:41

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 02:29

I'm glad they are indoors.

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