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Shoutouts Archive (10th April 2021)

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10th April 2021

Milly 23:28

The mum and lamb are comfy.

Milly 23:26

And its still snowing heavily, where i am.

Helen 21:31

How lovely. Right now he's as far from his mother as he can get - I wonder what that's about? I'm glad he's safe and warm (and dry), though.

Neil 21:24

They both look quite content now, Bless Them!

Ric 21:03

He looks quite precocious!

Dan 21:02

We brought our first lamb indoors overnight as it's a soggy one. A little male North Ronaldsay

Milly 20:26

Still snowing here !

Milly 19:19

Dans watching them.Some look ready to burst !

Milly 18:28

Nothing on the farm ,only 20 mins away!

Milly 18:26

Snowing like mad ,where i am .

Helen 18:21

A wooly jumper, at that.

Milly 17:55

The lamb will need a jumper on.

Helen 17:01

No rams, just very big fat mothering sheep.

Neil 14:15

Yes, I think "Ewe" are right Bruv in that the field should currently be a "Female only" area , but I didn't want to risk ramming the fact too much in case I am wrong!

Gradon 13:56

Wonderful news about the firstborn, maybe spring is just around the corner after all! Regarding he ramification’s earlier, I thought the field was full of expectant mums, well away from any ram this time of year!

Helen 13:10

Wonderful news. I hope they are both well. More to come, healthy and robust.

Neil 12:55

Congratulations! I hope it is healthy & all goes well with it & more to come... Good Luck!

Dan 12:48

Our first lamb is born !

Neil 11:58

The Ram probably also had an ulterior motive....He probably thought if he didn't right the cam after moving it, it could have serious ramifications on his Supper allowance! Baaa!

Ric 10:40

The ram completely skewed the camera, but then righted it before leaving. How thoughtful.

Ric 10:23


Neil 09:50

Good Morning Folk, on a lovely sunny morning with a Blackbird singing, a Woodpigeon cooing & 1 Friendly sheep, sorry I don't know your name, Ma'am, to greet me with a Good Morning bleating...Enjoy your day All...

Cindy 08:58


Milly 08:16

Morning Helen. Dans checking the sheep.

Helen 07:05

Morning Milly and all. Sheep are gathered at the cam. And I can hear the woodpecker.

Milly 06:58

Morning all.

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