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Shoutouts Archive (7th April 2021)

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7th April 2021

Helen 14:16

The ewes are hanging on till it's warmer.

Gradon 13:37

They are probably waiting until after more Wintery bad weather passing through over this coming weekend, Dan!

Dan 13:07


Dan 13:07

Still no lambs

Gradon 12:40

On the slopes of Marlfield! The ladies have left their Mark on the cam again!

Ric 12:39

Hi to everyone.

Neil 10:31

Good Morning Folk on another Sunny but chilly day...Enjoy...

Cindy 08:53


Milly 06:50

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 06:07

Ladies in waiting.

Helen 06:06

I love catching the sheep early in the morning. They are all sitting down around the field, some awake and keeping a lookout.. The pheasant is out and about.

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