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Shoutouts Archive (4th April 2021)

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4th April 2021

Helen 19:12

Happy Easter, Talia.

Dan 17:48

No lambs yet!

talia 16:57

happy easter, lamb fam

Helen 16:40

Lots of sheep in view now, and one was quite close to the microphone a little while ago - I heard her giving a running commentary on the weather. I hope tomorrow isn't deathly cold. Looks like snow in the forecast.

Helen 14:06

It's worth keeping this site open just for the sound effects. I just heard the Pheasant and Woody.

Ric 11:49

Good Easter morning to all. Sorry to hear the sheep didn't make it.

Neil 10:22

Good Morning, Folk, I am truly sorry to read of your very sad sheep loss, but otherwise Wish Everyone a Happy Easter if that is possible with such sad news.

Gradon 10:05

Good Morning and Happy Easter Lamb Watchers, the fog has gone but still no sign of chicks or Lambs as yet! Probably waiting for the coming icy spell to pass first!

Cindy 08:51

Happy Easter to all my friends at Lambwatch

Milly 07:06

Happy Easter Helen and all.

Helen 06:50

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Finding a rabbit or a chocolate egg in that fog is going to be a challenge.

Milly 06:34

Morning all

Milly 06:34

So sorry to hear that Dan .

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