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Shoutouts Archive (1st April 2021)

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1st April 2021

Helen 19:55

That's a gorgeous sunset.

Neil 19:14

A lovely Sunset i see, it will be good when Dan has some new lambs to enjoy the fresh grass in the Foreground...i hope the lambing &/or preparations are all going well, Dan. Thinking of You

Helen 14:18

Hello, all. Cold here, too.

Ric 12:00


Neil 10:19

Good Morning Everyone, Wishing You All a Happy Maundy Thursday & a happy Month of April, hopefully with lots of successful lambing ahead, despite the cold winds currently blowing....

Cindy 08:53


Milly 08:42

Thats a very cold wind,its turning back to winter.

Milly 07:01

White Rabbits!

Milly 07:01

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 06:03

The fezzie is up, for sure.

Helen 06:01

The birds are starting to wake up, but there is a lot of breeze-noise in the microphone, so they are harder to hear.

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