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Shoutouts Archive (28th March 2021)

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28th March 2021

Milly 21:14

Thanks for recording it Dan.πŸ™‚

Helen 19:20

Good news here! We had a mild winter this year, and today, there are small leaves on my two clematis vines. I don't usually see anything until May. There is life after winter.

Neil 19:16

Yes, I'm sure, I look forward sheepishly with eager anticipation, thanks Dan & Heather.

Helen 19:05

I'm sure Dan, the techie wizard, will find a way to share the recording. Watching it made me want, very much, to go back for a visit

Helen 19:04

I think I had bookmarked it, so I was able to get to it easily. Anyway, I hope you can catch the recording, because it was really quite interesting.

Neil 18:11

Thanks Ric for your reassurance that I'm not the only one ...pls don't worry Dan & Heather I'm happy to wait until you find if there is a way of showing the recording as & when thanks.

Ric 17:54

Yeah, I did the same, Neil to find the link, but could not get to it.

Helen 17:02

You will enjoy it, Neil. It was really interesting and there were lots of shots of other parts of the farm that I haven't seen. Great photos.

Neil 17:00

Thanks Dan, i tried to scroll down to where you posted the link earlier today but I couldn't expand down any further than this morning's chat Perhaps I haven't learnt to use the Conversation block properly yet ... you can't leave me on a BIG job yet! Not to worry I'll look forward to you finding out if & when you can transmit the recording thanks,

Helen 17:00

That was wonderful - I really enjoyed it so much. Great presentation and helpful, informative slides to go with it. I saw parts of the farm I never knew were there. Really great fun to watch it all and to see Heather and Dan. Thanks so much!

Dan 16:54

We did record it. I am not sure how to get to it though but will figure it out and let you know. Sorry we had to turn LambWatch off while we did the talk as we don't have enough internet!

Neil 16:15

Has anyone received anything yet i wonder, If so am i looking in the wrong place?

Milly 16:14

I hope you record it πŸ™‚Dan

Milly 16:12

I cant ,at that time ,i will be talking to family ,

Helen 13:45

Hello all! I'm going to try to tune in around 4.00 your time - we'll see. Zoom is not usually one of my best success stories, but who knows?

Neil 12:07

Good Afternoon All, just, I hope you're having a good day....

Ric 11:51


Cindy 09:20


Milly 08:31

Morning all

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