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Shoutouts Archive (27th March 2021)

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27th March 2021

Helen 14:34

I hope you get decent weather. We have just had a glorious week, but it's back to "chilly" here today.

Dan 14:01

Looking forward to the warm weather.. to help the grass grow if nothing else! Though a cold snap is due to follow next weekend :\

Gradon 13:58

With the news of the Lambing due to start in a weeks time, we are expecting some warm weather in the first part of next week, I wonder if that would encourage early lambing!

Neil 13:43

Many thanks, I'm sure i shall be able to enjoy at least some of it thanks.

Dan 13:43

I will find out and let you know.

Dan 13:42

I am not entirely sure Neil, as I am quite new to zoom myself. It is Heather who is doing the talk; I will be on tech. support

Neil 13:41

Hello Everyone Yes, pls Dan I shall be interested in tomorrow's Rare Breeds talk, but not sure if i shall be able to maintain my concentration throughout, Will there be a way of back-tracking later, pls, I wonder?

Dan 13:25

We are due to start lambing a week today!

Helen 13:16

it seems I spoke too soon - heavy dark clouds are putting a damper (maybe literally) on the day.

Helen 11:51

Hello - it looks like a lovely day there. Have a great day.

Ric 10:42

Morning all!

Cindy 08:53


Milly 06:45

Morning all

Milly 06:45

Although, i do mine ,sunday morning,sping forward 1 hour.

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