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Shoutouts Archive (26th March 2021)

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26th March 2021

Liza 22:31

Thank you for telling me!

Helen 21:39

Thanks, Milly.

Milly 20:44

Yes we do "B" Saturday night.

Helen 18:52

"B", I think so - one of my other British friends told me - this weekend.

"B" 18:26

Dan, do you change the clocks Saturday night ? It affects thosr watching from other time zones.

Helen 17:54

Hi, Ric. Nice to have you back. I think it was pouring rain earlier. Not sure about now, but it does sound like it..

Helen 17:53

Oh, thanks, Dan, I will try to join. I'm not always good with Zoom but would love to be there if I can.

Ric 17:51

Sounds like it may be drizzling.

Ric 17:48

Lots of birdsong!

Ric 17:42

Hi everyone. Thanks for inquiring. I am back, I hope for awhile.

Dan 17:08

If anyone would like to join but isn’t familiar with “zoom” then please do feel free to get in touch and we can provide some help.

Dan 17:07

For those that use “Zoom” we are doing a talk on behalf of the RBST Dales Group on Sunday at 4pm introducing the various projects at LambWatch HQ: here is a link to the event details: [link]

Helen 15:44

Some of us have been here for a very long time, but we rarely use the 'messages'. We're really here together to watch the sheep (and the lambs when they arrive) so you may be disappointed with the lack of conversation.

Helen 15:35

Liza - we don't usually do a lot of personal messages, just post here on Chat. Ric is away from chat for a while. Best just to stick with the chat room rather than message people who don't know you.

Neil 12:36

Welcome Liza to this Friendly Forum site, I am in Stamford Lincolnshire, May I pls ask shere oyu are. I was asking about Ric a day or 2 ago as i hadn't sen his daily comments for awhile, but another Friendly contributor, Helen said She had been in touch with Ric privately & will be back with us soon.

Liza 12:16

Also most of you where talking about someone named Ric? I contacted him to say hello but I haven't gotten a response, does any one know where he could be?

Liza 12:13

Im kind of new so if someone could contact me that would be great

Liza 12:12

I'm sorry about that i don't know anyone here personally

Helen 11:50

Cindy - she might be new - she was around on chat last night. Scroll down to last night. But a good idea to delete the message.

Cindy 10:10

Got a LW Message from a person named Lisa - I have no idea who this is so have deleted the message

Neil 09:56

Good Morning Everyone on a rather wet & windy day...Enjoy if you can...

Cindy 08:55


Milly 07:25

Morning Helen

Helen 07:19

Good morning, Milly. Have a great day. Maybe one of the neighbours has sheepdogs?

Milly 06:15

Morning all i hear dogs barking ,i hope they aren't after the lambs !!

"B" 05:07

Hello Liza, I too am in Canada ,but a different time zone to Hellen. further west.

Helen 00:08

Hi, I'm in Canada where it is bedtime for me. So goodnight, More people are here in the early morning, UK time.

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