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Shoutouts Archive (24th March 2021)

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24th March 2021

Helen 22:47

"The sun'll come out tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow There'll be sun...." vaccination day for me!

Helen 17:58

Another gorgeous sky.

Helen 13:18

Oh, thanks so much, Dan. It was a pretty scene at 09.13 a.m. but nice to be in real time.

Neil 13:04

Many thanks Dan for restoring vison again, I do hope our desires to view are not causing you too much trouble at such a busy time of year for You All.

Neil 11:01

Good Morning Everyone, Enjoy your day ahead...

Helen 10:30

Good morning, all!. It looks like a lovely day but the camera is stuck.

Cindy 09:00


Milly 06:59

The birds are singing, it does my heart good.

Milly 06:56

Morning Helen and all, lovely day.

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