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Shoutouts Archive (22nd March 2021)

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22nd March 2021

Helen 21:44

Thanks, Dan. I look forward to it in the morning.

Neil 19:18

Many thanks Dan, I look forward to viewing tomorrow onwards...

Milly 19:08

Thank you Dan 🙂

Dan 19:08

Webcam is back!

Susan 16:35

Liked the dancing

Helen 14:25

Just a diversion, but spring is upon us. So let's get moving, everyone.

Helen 14:25

Ok, this is a little entertainment (I hope this works) from a small town in Ontario's Northumberland County, sadly not sheep country, although there are lots of dairy farms in the area. This was filmed last week - check out the March snow. [link]

Cindy 09:01


Milly 06:44

Morning all

Milly 06:44

Me too Helen .

Helen 06:01

Good morning. I really miss the camera on this spring mornings. Have a great day, everyone.

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