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Shoutouts Archive (19th March 2021)

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19th March 2021

Helen 19:59

The owls are out.

Helen 19:54


Ric 19:00

and lots of birdsong too at that time.

Helen 18:58

Check back to 18.26.06 for an interesting colour.

Helen 17:48

Talking about filling in valleys and levelling mountains - the world has shifted significantly today. But as long as the people who live across the valley are OK with the realignment of their universe, I guess we can cope. The sheep will be fighting their way uphill.

Neil 17:28

probably another "Sheep-quake" "B"!

"B" 16:22

the ground has moved again ...

Helen 11:11

Morning, all.

Neil 10:02

Good Morning All, A little blue sky I see, but I doubt if there's enough to make a Sailor a pair of trousers, as they say...or even underpants....With that thought, enjoy your day, perhaps some wool be used instead! lol!

Ric 09:15


Cindy 09:01


Milly 06:21

Morning Helen and all

Helen 05:06

Birds waking up.

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