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Shoutouts Archive (15th March 2021)

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15th March 2021

Neil 18:33

Thanks Dan, I had a little chat with Clwt Yr Arian a little earlier but they haven't replied as to where Boris has now gone.

Dan 17:06

I don't think it's Adam Henson's farm but I could be wrong..

Dan 17:05

So pleased Boris is having a good full and useful life!

Helen 13:40

Llots of sheep, up close and personal. So lovely to see them.

Neil 13:03

+ or, of course, I guess the programme will now be available on BBC i-player.

Neil 13:00

Thanks Cindy, I'll try & follow it up later, Much Appreciated. I wonder if oyu saw Countryfile's Lambing Special Programme on BBC1 last night, I bif not I belive it is usually repeated early next Sunday Morning on BBC2.

Cindy 12:55

Neil - I don't know the exact farm where Boris is now living - I read the posting on the FB page of Clwt Yr Arian Rare Breeds where Boris lived after Lambwatch.

Helen 11:22

It's so nice to hear your birds, even though it is noon there. Hello, everyone.

Neil 10:12

Good Morning Everyone, nice to be able to see some happily grazing Ewes again, with a little blue sky not hidden by cloud...Enjoy Your Day All...

Ric 09:51

Morning all

Cindy 09:04


Milly 05:41

Morning all

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