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Shoutouts Archive (14th March 2021)

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14th March 2021

Helen 21:50

Oh, I know what I'm hearing - the babies across the valley.

Helen 21:42

Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised - this is a sheep farm.

Helen 21:42

I hear sheep.

Helen 18:30

Might be, Neil.

Neil 18:02

I wonder if Boris has gone to join Adam Henson's Farm in The Cotswolds, just now being shown on BBC1 Countryfile...Adam's late Father set up the Rare Breeds Society, I believe.

Helen 15:55

what great fun for Boris. I hope that works out well for all concerned..

Neil 14:47

That sounds interesting thanks Cindy, I hope he behaves himself in doing what he has no doubt gone to join the company of Ewes!

Cindy 14:41

Just been reading that Boris who left LW to go and live in Wales has now moved to the Cotswolds to live with some new Boreray ewes

Helen 12:58

Happy Mother's day to all who are celebrating there. (Ours in in May.)

Helen 12:57

Hello all. We had a time change last evening, so I am only four hours behind you this morning.

Ric 11:03


Neil 10:21

Many thanks Dan for restoring our vision... & sanity for some!.. Good Morning All, Happy Mothering Sunday, Enjoy Your Sunday...

Cindy 08:58


Milly 07:11

Poor lamb's, in all that rain.

Milly 07:09

Morning all, Happy Mother's day

"B" 04:26

Thank you Dan for restoring the feed...

Helen 00:31

Ah-ha - we're back. Thank you, Dan. I've really missed this field.

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