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Shoutouts Archive (5th March 2021)

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5th March 2021

Helen 20:56

Yes, it was short - I had to really look to pin it down.

"B" 20:05

Yes Helen, the colour only stayed for about a minute & was gone!

Helen 18:33

17.51-52 - interesting patch of colour in the western sky.

Helen 18:05

Well, the Dowager Duchess of Marlfield is back in her favorite spot. It's funny how she has adopted that particular patch of grass.

Helen 17:13

I can still hear those babies on the opposite hills.

Helen 17:11

Those would be Howard's lambs. Good question, Gradon, as I was wondering how they were, this year.

Gradon 15:37

A question to Marlfield, this time last year, the commercial ewes were in the midst of their lambing, I know they were of some age, have they been retired? Also are they still on the farm?

Helen 13:59

Those babies across the valley are certainly vocal. The wind must be from the west?

Helen 12:21

Hello all! Oh, the Grande Dame is sitting in her favorite spot. Either she likes the view from there or it's very comfortable.

Neil 10:13

Good Morning Everyone, Good Luck with the Lambing...

Ric 10:12

Morning all.

Cindy 08:59


Milly 05:22

Morning all

Helen 03:20

There doesn't seem to be any property damage nor loss of life. Considering all that NZ has suffered from earthquake and volcanic eruption, I think they've been very lucky.

Gradon 01:19

The New Zealand Earth Quake, this evening was just off the north east coast on North Island, Sending Tsunami warnings, the large waves have now past, downgrading the immediate threats!

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