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Shoutouts Archive (4th March 2021)

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4th March 2021

Neil 21:13

It was on a Forsyth Family History Fcbk site I saw the news, & then saw that no one was injured, I think it was fresh tonight, but my concentration has failed me now so I must retire. Sweet Dreams.

Helen 19:58

I must check the news - the last I saw there didn't seem to be any damage off the North Island, but that was a while ago.

Neil 19:51

My thoughts & prayers go to All who may be affected by an Earthquake in New Zealand...

Helen 19:15

Well, it seems there was a rather spectacular sunset this evening.

Helen 14:24

All quiet now. I really enjoyed watching three of them yesterday when one upper class 'grande dame' chased two others away so that she could just sit down in her favorite spot. What a bossy girl. Obviously there's a pecking order.

Neil 13:49

Baaaa! Helen!.. I'm sure they will beee once they realise its a Birthday of their Very Special Mistress...

Helen 13:37

I think there are a few 'u' s trying to sing Happy Birthday from the meadow. A bit of a chorus.

Helen 13:05

Oh, happy Birthday, Lynda! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Ric 10:26

Good morning and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

Milly 09:40

Happy birthday Lynda xx

Neil 09:29

Happy Birthday 2 U...Happy Birthday 2 A Very Special Friend, Lynda,.....Hoping U can enjoy a Very Peaceful & Stress-free Day...Happy Birthday 2 U....

Lynda 08:57

thank you all for kind birthday wishes... I intend to do as little as possible today and enjoy pottering outside, weather permitting

Cindy 08:52

Hello - Happy Birthday Lynda. xx

Margaret 08:32

A Very Happy Birthday Lynda. xx

Helen 06:44

Yes, what a happy lot. Good morning all.

Milly 06:28

The birds are singing their heads off

Milly 06:27

Morning all.

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