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Shoutouts Archive (3rd March 2021)

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3rd March 2021

Helen 21:38

There's a sheep adjusting the microphone, again. Maybe scratch time.

Helen 18:49

The owls are already active.

Helen 18:45

Then she promptly sat down on it.

Helen 18:45

There's one bossy ewe at around 18:11. Very territorial. "My patch of grass".

Helen 13:04

Hello, all.

Ric 10:53


Neil 10:21

Good Morning All, with Chaffinch calling, & hopefully the mist clearing for another lovely day...Enjoy if you can....

Cindy 08:59


Milly 06:02

Morning Helen and all .Fog was forecast.

Helen 04:59

It must be very foggy. I cannot see a thing. No lights from town, for sure.

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