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Shoutouts Archive (2nd March 2021)

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2nd March 2021

Helen 21:20

"B" - I looked at the Wiki page. Very good information there. Thanks for the suggestion.

Helen 19:28

Oh, I've had this happen to me, "B". Sometimes the site just gets stuck. I don't think I checked Wiki, but I did go to the RSPB site. They always have good information. There were other videos on Youtube as well.

"B" 18:56

seems I kept my finger on the button too long! I do not know how to erase ...

"B" 18:53

Hello, Helen, you may have found it by now but this is a link to Wiklpedia site for tawny owl [link]

Neil 12:59

Good to know thanks Lynda

Helen 12:23

That's good news, Lynda. Thanks for letting us know.

Ric 11:10


Lynda 11:09

Elma's fine this morning. She's back with the non-lambing sheep.

Neil 10:16

Good morning Folk, though not so good with the news of Elma miscarriaging. I am so very sorry & hope She can now recover under the tlc of Dan & Family & their very skilled Vet. Many Her lambs now R.I.P..

Cindy 08:53


Milly 07:34

Morning all

Milly 07:34

So sorry about Elma and her lambs Dan.

Helen 02:59

I went looking for a video of Tawny owls calls tonight, and ended up with the Kings' Singers, instead. Not a wasted evening, for sure.

Helen 00:38

Owls are calling.

Helen 00:38

Ahhh, I'm so sorry. No wonder she was troubled and feeling unwell.

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