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Shoutouts Archive (28th February 2021)

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28th February 2021

Helen 18:14

Sheep is adjusting the camera. I can see ears and a nose, and a most beautiful sky behind her. Hello u!

Helen 17:27

WOW! Take a look at that sun.

Milly 17:24

Glad you enjoyed it.It has been a lovely day, but a cold wind .

Helen 13:18

Oh, what a beautiful day. Oh, Milly, I was up wandering around in the middle of the night. New wrinkle in my night schedule. But I get to watch your dawn, which is a treat,.

Neil 11:11

Another Good Sunny Morning Folk, with Sheep happily grazing in the distance, & other sheep bleating amidst some distant Farm work to be heard ...Enjoy your Day All..

Cindy 08:59


Milly 08:47

You're up late Helen!

Helen 07:20

I hear the woodpecker, the crows, and a few other birds I cannot recognise. Where is the resident blackbird?

Helen 07:00

OH, it looks frosty. And there's the moon in the west.

Milly 06:42

Morning all and a frosty one !

Helen 01:58

Nearly 2.00 a.m. for you. Not much happening and I don't hear any birds tonight.

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