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Shoutouts Archive (25th February 2021)

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25th February 2021

Helen 20:17

In fact there are two sets of owl calls, one up close and one much farther off.

Helen 20:14

Th owls are calling in the distance. I had to put my volume up high to be sure.

Helen 18:15

16.59 - must be treat time - they all are heading over to the left.

Helen 18:14

I just went back to 16.56 or so to hear the thrush and watch the sheep. One (sheep) is right up to the camera. I have a face full of wool. That's one happy thrush. I hope he has a mate.

Milly 16:11

The sheep's wool ,is blowing in the wind ,but they are enjoying the grass on this dry and sunny day .

Helen 15:42

I guess, with that wind, the sheep are either lying down or have taken cover - or maybe they've gone shopping? Are sheep subject to lockdown? I can't see any from here.

Helen 13:15

Do I hear rain? It looks sunny. Lovely sunshine here, too. Enjoy your day.

Neil 10:54

Good Morning Everyone, I spy a lot of cloud with a little blue sky visible above...not enough to make a Sailor a pair of pants, as I believe the saying goes... Enjoy your Day...

Cindy 08:58


Milly 06:35

Morning all

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