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Shoutouts Archive (19th February 2021)

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19th February 2021

Helen 15:38

Yes, the systems move quite quickly over the North Atlantic, but better rain than snow for you. Usually two to three days from Newfoundland - it's not as far as it looks from there to Iceland, the Faroes and Scotland. Sometimes it misses England altogether.

Gradon 14:31

A News flash folks, regarding the long range weather forecast for the begining of March, a weather front will be descending from Iceland and plunge the UK into another bout of snow!, the current storm Helen is referring to, is arriving into the country as rain over the weekend, plenty of it too!

Neil 14:18

I won't invite oyu to send any over thanks Helen, but in my experience often it arrives in about 3 weeks time from over the Atlantic Pond! &I hope oyu're able to stay safe & warm, & enjoy "listening to the Quiet" as 1 of my Rubber stamps says!

Helen 12:42

Yes, more snow - a huge snow fall overnight here. One of this nice things about an overnight snowfall is how quiet everything is in the morning.

Ric 10:39


Neil 10:07

Good Morning All, It's looking rather overcast over Marlfield, Enjoy your day,

Cindy 09:01


Milly 06:45

Morning all

Milly 06:44

Oh no ,not more snow!

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