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Shoutouts Archive (17th February 2021)

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17th February 2021

Helen 23:58

Oh, well, they will never know the difference, "B".

"B" 22:12

The only lambs nameed for stuff thrown off a maritime vessel - Flotsam, Jetsam...

Gradon 21:10

Thankyou Dan for the info on the Newbies, I like the name of Blackforest Mouse, is that the dark faced one!

Helen 19:06

Thanks for the update, Dan. That will be fun to have siblings with the suffix '-sam'. I hope the one which is ailing will make a good recovery and begin to feel at home again.

"B" 16:55

I like the idea of siblings being called Flotsom & Jetsam...

Dan 16:29

Although that being said, maybe Flo, when she next has a lamb, should be called Jetsam, that might be more appropriate as they would be the siblings

Dan 16:29

They aren't in lamb Helen. But Jasmine our resident Boreray (Flo and Flossy's mother) is in lamb and absolutely her lamb will be Jetsam!

Helen 16:27

Oh, thanks, Dan, for the update. I'm sure there's a good reason why they have returned to the farm, and maybe this year you will have a Jetsam to match the Flotsam. Are they in lamb?

Neil 16:07

Thaniks Dan, I wish them well with oyu, & of course You with them. Just tell those other "Bully sheep" to stop pushing & shoving the poor lame lamb & give her a chance to recover. More Sheepish talk...Baaaaa!

Dan 16:01

Of this group we have 3 registered Boreray; Marlfield Flo, Marlfield Flossy and Backforest Mouse. We also have a cross breed which was born at Marlfield in 2018, who we have now nicknamed Flotsam

Dan 16:00

You may notice one is lame and is losing wool around her neck. We've had the vet out to her and has diagnosed minor "rain scald" which she has pretty much recovered from, so that' good news. And we believe the lamness is due to pushing and shoving. Her feet are in good condition.

Dan 15:57

Yep you are correct - 7 sheep!

Helen 15:09

I'm counting seven sheep in a huddle, having a little gossip.

Ric 10:53

Morning all.

Neil 10:19

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you're coping with the snow Helen & are enjoying your Pancakes, Have a Good Day, Everyone & Ewes, too...

Cindy 09:07


Milly 07:38

Morning all

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