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Shoutouts Archive (16th February 2021)

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16th February 2021

Helen 19:40

I made too much batter and have had two meals of pancakes today. I might have some left for breakfast tomorrow. (You can tell I am not strictly observant about using up all my butter and sugar.)

"B" 19:01

Shrove Tuesday, did everyone use up their butter & sugar making pancakes...

Helen 18:33

Oh, we don't mind the snow, once in a while. The children love it. I stay inside and look at it. but it is cold, as well. One more week of this winter stuff.

Milly 17:40

Sorry you've got snow,

Milly 17:39

Been a lovely day here !

Helen 14:20

Lots of snow here and things all closed down.

Helen 14:19

Thanks, Heather. It sounds like an intriguing story. Anyway, welcome home, sheep.

Gradon 12:38

Thankyou once again Heather

Heather 12:21

It's a rather long and complicated story which i'm sure Dan will go into at a later date!

Heather 12:21

They are mainly Boreray, except at least one who is a cross breed.

Neil 12:16

Many thanks Heather for the update. i wonder if the Ewes who were with you in earlier times remember that they have now returned to such a good Farm where they were so well looked after!

Gradon 12:15

Thankyou Heather, So they are the return of the Newbies! Which type of sheep are they!

Heather 11:36

Hello all! The sheep that are inside arrived on the farm last night. They are spending a few days inside to be thoroughly checked over before being released outside. Some of these ewes were actually born here, back in 2016/17!

Neil 10:38

Good Morning Mothers in Waiting, I hope you feel safe & warm.... Enjoy Your Day All...

Ric 10:29


Cindy 09:09


Milly 07:46

Morning all

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