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Shoutouts Archive (13th February 2021)

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13th February 2021

Helen 23:33

"B", there's another lambwatcher here from Wirral. No doubt you know that or will hear from her. She's one of the originals. As for cold, I learned that very cold air can't hold moisture - thus, your 'dry cold'. If it's really cold, it can't snow.

"B" 22:18

the train was "All stations to Colne" when I visited my sister in Huncoat.

"B" 21:57

Used to complain of the rain - I`m from Wirral,... The coment here is "It`s a dry cold" my description is not suitable for a family chanel...

Dan 18:20

It's bitter out there!

Milly 17:20

I'm glad i don't live there,its cold enough here .

Gradon 15:16

Ooh a bitter cold wind out there, I have just been in it, but next weekend get ready! All change! Could be up to +16c! Just in time for the new born’s

"B" 15:09

Hello, here in Winnipeg at 08.00h the temp is -37c feels like -47c ....

Helen 13:03

Oh, Milly, feel factor (wind chill) here is -22. Actually temp is -12. I am cheered by the fact that it is much colder in the Canadian west than it is here.

Milly 12:52

Feel factor ,minus 10c

Ric 10:36


Neil 10:26

Good Morning All, It still looks very cold even if Dan did escape a major snowfall yesterday. Enjoy....

Cindy 09:02


Milly 06:01

Morning all

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