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Shoutouts Archive (7th February 2021)

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7th February 2021

Gradon 16:01

Very True Helen, there are farms that start lambing as early as November, I was thinking Dan’s lambing does not start until late February, then the lambing could have started with the sheep across the valley!

Helen 14:14

Ha, Gradon, some farmers in North Yorkshire (near Ripon) are already bringing in lambs and yows from the fields to shelter them indoors. A few tups were naughty last September, and a few Swaledales have already lambed. If the farmers weren't out checking and feeding every day, those lambs would be lost.

Gradon 12:27

Good Afternoon all Storm Darcy doth blow! Though I doubt Marlfield will have any snow, that is reserved for the South East of the UK today! Some of you thought they heard a lamb last night, I may e wrong, but it may be a little early yet! This month, it will be only the commercial mums who birth indoors later in the month!

Ric 11:10


Helen 11:06

Good morning, all. We have snow here this morning. I can certainly hear your east wind in the mic. Very noisy. Stay safe and well, everyone.

Neil 10:55

Good Morning Folk, I wonder if this noisy & bitterly cold Easterly wind will succeed in bringing you at least a covering of snow...Stay warm & safe Everyone...

Cindy 09:10


Milly 07:35

Morning all

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