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Shoutouts Archive (6th February 2021)

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6th February 2021

Neil 20:11

HiTalia, Quite possibly a lamb, I wound back & heard 1 at around 1950; & Yes Susan, It's Storm Darcy bringing the snow in from the East, Can you pls remind me where in the Country you are.

Susan 20:08

The snow we have coming in is from the ease like Russia /Baltic.

talia 18:58

did I just hear a lamb?

Helen 18:10

Hi, Talia!

Helen 18:10

Oh, well, Gtradon, sitting out there in the North Atlantic, you can get it from all directions. Our storms here always come from the west, northwest or southwest, but always west. On an island that far north, anything is possible.

talia 17:05

Hey lamb fam!

Gradon 16:07

Hi Helen, I am afraid this storm Darcy is coming in and affecting the UK from the east not from your direction!

Helen 15:47

I think that's the same storm that dumped all kinds of snow on our east coast and places like New York. Hang in.

Neil 13:00

Hi Helen,Yes, as you say Winter is back if it ever left, It's Storm Darcy they say that will be bringing snow in from the East Sunday onwards...Brrr! I can hear little lambs bleating on the Shetland webcam Sound Escape, I hoep they are able to cope with the cold...cold ...cold weather!!! Reminds me of the song, "It's going to be a cold, cold Christmas without you..."!

Helen 12:41

Well, the sound effects indicate rain. It's very cold here, -8c right now, and more snow expected tomorrow. Winter is clearly back!

Ric 10:24


Neil 10:24

Good Morning All, It's good that the Curlews are active with their calls again, I'll try & listen more intensely, ..currently against the rattling wind... Enjoy Your Day Everyone....

Cindy 09:01


Milly 07:38

Morning all.

Milly 07:37

Good news then.

Dan 02:51

Yep the curlews are at LambWatch hq I can confirm 🙂

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