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Shoutouts Archive (5th February 2021)

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5th February 2021

Helen 21:34

And I just checked 19.32, and it is a curlew. Very faint.

Helen 21:28

I checked back, Neil - clearly the owl, two or three times, and an airplane at the same time.

Helen 21:24

Well, I can only hope it was a curlew I heard. They were a longs ways off, but it was quite different cry from that of the owls.

Neil 19:39

I r/w to check that it was the owl I heard at Marlfield!

Neil 19:37

I don't think it's too early, as I heard a Curlew a few times on the shetland webcams sound escape a few days ago ..it's blowing a Hooley there tongith, but I didn't notice the Curlew at Marlfield tonight, but perhaps I also have other sounds coming form other directions!

Helen 19:36

Just checked - too early. They are usually back around the first of March.

Helen 19:35

I thought I just heard the curlew. It might be too early.

Neil 19:22

& Tawny Owl again @19-03-45 + 19-04-28...

Neil 18:53

Owl hooted twice @ 18-40-27!

Helen 15:33

I hear your blackbird, I think. Not singing, just making comments on the weather. Perhaps too dark and chilly to sing much, yet.

Helen 12:52

Ahhhh - sunshine. That's nice.

Helen 12:12

Hello, all. Better visibility there, and ice and snow here in Toronto. Hi, Lexi!

Ric 12:11

Hi all.

Lexi 11:54

Good morning.

Neil 10:18

Good Morning All, Rather overcast, but at least no snow! Have a Good Day All...

Cindy 09:00


Milly 07:05

Morning all

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