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Shoutouts Archive (4th February 2021)

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4th February 2021

Helen 20:56

I had to look back, Ric, to see what you were referring to, and you are quite right.

Ric 17:36

It's a blue world.

Neil 14:52

& of course, my addition is baaaa...ing any excuses!

Neil 14:36

& may I rather sheepishly follow on in adding My Best Wishes & Good Luck to Dan & Family , & of course To Mother Sheep & Lambs too...

Gradon 14:16

As we look over the misty Marlfield valley, Just 49 short weeks ago, just prior to the problems so caused, The first Marlfield woolly babe of 2020 was born! All the best Dan and family, for a better 2021

Helen 12:37

All that beautiful green and a mist - how lovely to look at it. It probably feels damp and cold, but it's prettier than my own view. Hello to everyone.

Ric 10:44


Neil 10:15

Good Morning All, & a belated Warm Welcome to Talia, from Neil in Stamford, Lincolnshire...Enjoy your Day Everyone...

Cindy 08:58


Milly 08:54

Pheasant !!

Milly 07:13

Morning all

Helen 00:09

Enjoy your snow. It missed us on Ontario.

Helen 00:09

Hi, Talia, I think this field is having a rest, getting ready for the spring lambing. They moved them around from time to time.

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