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Shoutouts Archive (1st February 2021)

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1st February 2021

Helen 20:04

Thanks, Neil. I will check it out.

Neil 19:02

Hi Helen, In your Facebook PM section, I've just posted a link to a page with several links to articles about saying "White Rabbits". I haven't read them all but I picked up saying "W R" on the 1st of the month to supposedly bring you good luck, but as 1 link suggests it might just be a myth!

Helen 18:40

I'd be interested in knowing more about the custom of wishing people 'white rabbits' on the first of the month. I ahve a friend in the south who does it but I don't 'get it'!

Helen 13:49

Finally I am seeing the pheasant.

Neil 12:30

Oh! Ric! Didn't you know, If it had been snowing, they would have been all over the fields! lol!

Ric 11:07

Tell me about white rabbits.

Ric 11:07

Good morning all

Neil 10:23

White rabbits, Good Morning & Happy February to Everyone, with the Sunshine currently showing itself as well...Enjoy Your Day & Month ahead...

Cindy 09:05


Helen 08:22

The same to you, Milly, and Happy February. And someone is already hard at work with a machine, a tractor, maybe.

Milly 07:10

White rabbits everyone and good morning.

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