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Shoutouts Archive (28th January 2021)

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28th January 2021

Helen 19:31

I could hear the blackbirds at the same time (they sound like our robins.) So I assumed I was seeing blackbirds, but the camera view doesn't really help you to judge the distance.

Helen 19:29

Oh, they might have been, Ric. I couldn't tell, but didn't think of them. They clearly had longish legs, so probably they were.

Ric 17:12

Were those the pheasant?

Helen 15:48

I wonder if those are crows in the field, or blackbirds (I can hear the blackbirds). It's hard to tell the size from a distance.

Helen 11:30

I can hear the birds.

Helen 11:11

Good morning, everyone.

Ric 10:52

Good morning all!

Neil 10:16

Good Morning Folk, Enjoy your Day, whatever the weather!

Cindy 09:09


Milly 07:45

Morning all

Helen 00:11

There's the owl.

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