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Shoutouts Archive (21st January 2021)

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21st January 2021

Helen 20:19

Sorry, Gradon, I don't have space for them here.

Gradon 19:32

Just been reading in a local paper of a wildlife trust in Norfolk looking for a new home for 16 Shetland sheep after a population explosion last year! Anyone interested! One problem, they all castrated males!

Helen 16:47

Nice sky right now.

Helen 16:47

Oh, there is a big storm out in the North Atlantic that could be going your way. It's piling up snow in Newfoundland today.

Gradon 15:47

Things look calm after the overnight storm,but beware! Another bout of the white stuff is due on Sunday!

Neil 14:12

Yes, a good part of the North of England is unfortunately affected, as I'm seeing on the TV News, They have just accounted 173 flood warnings so far ...How lucky I am!

Helen 13:42

Yes, the Ouse is already rising fast in York. All the rivers in N. Yorkshire drain into it.

Neil 12:54

Hi Helen, No, I noticed when I looked in again about half an hour ago, the snow had disappeared, no doubt, hearing the rain now, all been washed away.. the next problem for some unfortunate Folk not far away is Floods!

Helen 12:50

I don't see any signs of snow? Enjoy what's left of your day.

Ric 10:42


Neil 10:00

Good Morning Everyone. a slight covering remains I see, & also very windy,...i wonder if that means more --- icing sugar - Nah! on its' way? Enjoy your day...

Cindy 09:15


Milly 08:20

Morning all

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