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Shoutouts Archive (20th January 2021)

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20th January 2021

Helen 22:56

It must have stopped - I can see the lights of the village.

Milly 22:26


Milly 22:25

It was mild today,with rainnow

Milly 22:23

Yes Helen i couldn't beleive when i looked out of my window

Helen 22:20

It must be all over the lens, I cannot see a thing.

Milly 22:19

Yes its fairly coming down fast .

Dan 22:15

Snowing heavily at LambWatch HQ now...

Helen 18:28

Hello, all. I've been glued to the television all day, watching history being made in the USA. I hope you've all had a good day.

Ric 10:38

Morning all.

Neil 09:54

A Good wet Morning Folk, Storm Christoph is certainly leaving it's legacy wetting the pastures! I do hope Dan & Family are not affected by too many floods.

Cindy 09:15


Milly 07:01

Lots of floods now.

Milly 06:59

Morning all

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