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Shoutouts Archive (17th January 2021)

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17th January 2021

Helen 17:08

Well, not, not really, Neil - weather systems move from west to east, so what we get goes over the North Atlantic, and sometimes lands on your shores. But I can try positive thinking as well!

Neil 15:55

Would that by a ray of thought, Helen, be by Sunshine Telegraph?

Helen 13:26

Hello, all! We have lovely sunshine here. I'll try to send some.

Ric 10:52

Good morning!

Neil 10:51

Good Morning All, though it does look a bit sad without any of the 3 S's .... Sunshine, Sheep ...or Snow! Never mind worse things happen at Sea...as the saying goes,...enjoy your Sunday...yes, without the Sun at the moment!

Cindy 09:04


Milly 07:11

Morning all

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