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Shoutouts Archive (14th January 2021)

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14th January 2021

Helen 17:11

One can clearly see the lights on vehicles travelling along the crest of the hill opposite the cam. They're taking the road very slowly.

Helen 17:04

Be careful sue. Just look at it through the window. I hope you have someone to shop for you.

Susan 16:39

Well sorry to tell you but we have about8 inch of snow where I live,

Helen 14:43

Oh, my goodness - more snow. You must have all of ours. We haven't had any for ages. More fun for Rowan, though.

Ric 11:14

Good snowy morning!

Margaret 10:55

Possibly Rowan will be delighted to have the opportunity to build another snowman and go sledging down the hills

Neil 10:21

Good Morning All, Likewise, Margaret, what a surprise, as it's pouring with rain here, too in Stamford,, but then seeing the weather map on y'days forecast, I suppose Marlfield could have been included in the band of predicted snow.... I wonder if Rowan & his Snow-Person building Team have been alerted yet!!! No doubt the lambs will be giving him a Beat or 2! Enjoy Your Day All, whatever your weather...

Margaret 09:46

Curious about the two poles on the field...

Margaret 09:46

Good morning.... couldn't believe there was more snow at the farm. It's been pouring with rain here in Wirral.

Cindy 09:23


Dan 09:02

Roll on spring!

Milly 07:09

Morning all

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