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Shoutouts Archive (10th January 2021)

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10th January 2021

Helen 22:34

Little Snowbee will be down to a shadow of its former self by morning.

Helen 15:23

No, he's looking a bit woebegone to me.

Neil 14:35

He certainly didn't reign in power for long!

Helen 13:38

Poor snowbaby. 'Sic transit'' - thus passes all that is beautiful, after all your hard work.. He looks a bit forlorn in the rain.

Helen 12:38

So sorry about the rain. Meanwhile, they are having snowball fights in Madrid today.

Neil 10:58

Good Morning Folk, I think "SnowChild" looks rather "mist-ified" as to what is happening whilst he gradually shrinks away...Enjoy your Day...

Ric 10:50

Morning all. That snowperson should stand up for itself rather than just melting into the background.

Cindy 09:06


Milly 08:16

Hi Helen

Helen 06:28

Good morning all. Enjoy your day. Hi, Milly.

Milly 06:16

Morning all

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