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Shoutouts Archive (9th January 2021)

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9th January 2021

Neil 20:33

Tnx Helen, I subsequently left you a Fcbk PM but didn't get to reply here.

Helen 20:31

No, it's Louise and Martin Croft.

Neil 19:03

Would that be Amanda & Clive @ Ravenseat Farm, by any chance, Helen?

Helen 18:13

I just watched a video on Facebook of a couple, sheep farmers, who drove out through the snow to bring daily rations of hay to their sheep up on the moors. Scary stuff. More snow than at Marfield, and blizzard conditions.

Helen 16:43

Back at 12.58 there are people tobagganing in the background, probably Rowan among them.

Helen 16:33

Very handsome, though.

Margaret 16:12

With not having a mouth, he can't give an opinion on his audience... lol

Helen 15:08

Too bad you couldn't find an old pipe from somewhere - (a smokable one, I mean) to stick in his mouth.

Helen 15:07

that's just lovely and some sunshine, too, show off his best features.

Dan 15:07

He still needs a mouth 😆

Margaret 13:59

Good to see the well dressed snowman watching us watching him..

Neil 13:16

Sorry, Folk, I perhaps should have said Snowchild!

Neil 13:12

Yes, Snowman you look much better with your finishing touches, & I even hear a sheep giving a bleat of approval , Well Done All...

Ric 13:11

Ah, there it is! A well dressed snow "person."

Ric 11:41

Well, that didn't turn out right!

Ric 11:41

More ming!

Neil 10:17

Good Morning Folk, Sheep & Snowman, I see you are still standing & a/w Rowan to add some finishing touches to you, I wonder if the Snowman you saw, Helen is still standing & in good condition!, Enjoy your day Everyone, whatever your weather...

Cindy 09:03


Milly 07:44

Morning all

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