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Shoutouts Archive (6th January 2021)

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6th January 2021

Helen 17:10

Beautiful sky.

Helen 17:09

Thanks for the updates, Dan. It's nice to know what's going on with your lovely sheep.

Neil 17:04

I am sure they all appreciate how well they are being looked after, Well Done Dan & Family...

Dan 16:49

They all have slightly different dietary requirements so it's easier to keep them in separate groups.

Dan 16:49

We currently have three groups: the lambing group; those that are due to have lambs in April, the "young and resting"; those that are having the year off / too young to breed, and finally "the boys", which is, well the boys and the wethers

Dan 16:47

All sheep full of hay ready for the cold night ahead!

Neil 16:20

A lovely multi coloured sky against the fore-drop of melting snow, on view again!

Helen 11:26

Morning, all. A nice bright day for you there, but probably cold.

Ric 10:19


sarah 09:48

Good morning all

Cindy 09:11


Neil 09:07

Good Morning All on this Day of Epiphany, I see the snow is slowly disappearing, Enjoy your Day...

Milly 06:29

Morning all

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