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Shoutouts Archive (31st December 2020)

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31st December 2020

Helen 22:32

Happy New year to all - it will be a very quiet welcoming, this year.

Helen 22:32

Thanks, "B" - I never knew that. I just know the French-Canadian spelling, although the pronunciation is closer to the 'touque' spelling that you gave.

Milly 22:18

Happy new year everyone x

Milly 22:17

Its snowing again here !!

"B" 20:13

When I think fo a touque I think of the Queen Mary (wife of George fifth) who wore what was called a touque.[link]

Helen 19:16

Earby seems well lit tonight - either it's staying alive on New Year's Eve, or the snow is reflecting off their usual lights. Pretty sight.

Helen 17:09

Beautiful sky at 16.57.

Helen 17:08

Oh, Neil, when you are little, and bundled up in snowsuit and overshoes and scarf and mitts and a warm togue (winter hat in my country), the cold just gives you rosy cheeks, and then there's hot chocolate when you come inside.

Neil 16:52

Interesting piece of physical Geography, or Metrology thanks Helen,. Measnhilw, back at approx 1030 is that Dan braving the weather with the sledge, but I haven't seen Rowan yet,...perhaps He's sensible in thinking it's too cold!... Brr! certainly it would be for me!!!!

Helen 16:28

Here in Ontario, we would call what I'm looking at in the north west part of this picture a "snow squall", blowing snow from a cloudburst in just one corner of the sky. (16.28)

Helen 16:25

I hear bird sounds, and pretty sure it is a blackbird warning call. I heard him earlier, too. Before long, the growing light will start him singing.

Helen 15:10

I hope Rowan is out playing in this white stuff.

Helen 12:56

Hello all, on a snowy morning, and Happy New Year's Eve. In spite of the kind of year it's been, there is much to be grateful for, and this little window into Marlfield Farm is certainly one of them. Thanks, Dan.

Ric 12:55

Happy New Year to all! Let's pull for a better one. Hoping to get to Lambwatch in early summer after having to cancel this year.

Neil 11:46

Good Morning Everyone & a Happy New Year's Eve to Everyone, with A BIG THANKS to Dan & Family for this very interesting Webcam & such a friendly Platform ...Brrr! looks cold out there!

Ric 10:07

Morning all. Looking pretty English out!

Cindy 09:04


Milly 06:06

Morning all

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