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Shoutouts Archive (29th December 2020)

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29th December 2020

Helen 22:55

The moon must be shining, and the sky is clear - it's so bright there!! No sheep in the field that I can see, though.

Helen 18:15

You could scroll back, "B" and see it earlier. It was a lovely winter's sky. Boy does the snow ever help one see here in the dark.

"B" 16:57

Hello, just caught the end of the beautiful sunset...

Helen 16:52

Gorgeous view.

Helen 15:31

Such a beautiful scene at this very moment, 15.29, with lovely colours in the sky and the white fields. The silhouettes of the trees add so much to the snowy view.

Neil 15:10

Hello All, I did try to say Hello a few hours ago but my laptop had differnet ideas! I hope you're enjoying your day, whatever you8r weather

Helen 11:47

Hello, all. A bit more snow, I see. It looks lovely. Just be careful where you walk.

Ric 10:38


Cindy 09:16


Milly 07:50

Morning all, more snow !!

"B" 04:25

Where I live we will be lucky if it`s gone by April....Must say we are having a milld, not very snowy winter this year.

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