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Shoutouts Archive (28th December 2020)

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28th December 2020

Helen 23:54

Yes,, Dan, the snow is a natural reflector! Can we keep it for a while?

"B" 22:50

Thank you Dan .

Dan 22:19

B, if youโ€™re there, you can add a profile pic / avatar by visiting your profile page under the account or community menu item

Dan 22:17

Who needs infra red when the snow reflects every bit of light! โœจ

Helen 21:27

Sheep is close by. Is that a comment about the weather?

Helen 21:16

You're most welcome. There isn't a lot of activity right now, but wait till lambing season. Right now things are quiet, but I enjoy it because I live in a big city (as you do) and can escape to the Yorkshire countryside just by looking in this window!

talia 20:34

thank you, helen and neil! excited to finally sync up and watch when it's daylight over in the UK

Helen 18:17

I'm hoping it will stay just cold enough for you to keep the snow for a day or two.

Milly 17:43

Thanks Dan ๐Ÿ˜Š

Dan 17:20

Hi all, I am pleased to report that camgrabs will soon be restored!

Neil 13:15

Hello Everyone & Welcome New members to a snow covered Marlfield & a very Friendly webcam site...Enjoy as we existing Members do....Perhaps that's a bit of a Sheepish thing to say...Hmmm! Sorry Folk... Perhaps some Folk will want to Baaaa me!

Helen 13:07

I see them - first time in a long time. Probably wondering about the snow.

Ric 12:51

Sheep on camera

Helen 12:41

Welcome Talia from NYC. You've found a lovely site. Good morning all, Ric, Cindy, Natalie (Talia?), Milly and "B". I love the snow but wish you had had more, for young Master Procter to play in.

Ric 10:53

Morning! I see we have a coating of snow.

Cindy 09:07


talia 07:27

watching from harlem in NYC

talia 07:26

good morning, all

Natalie 07:18


Dan 06:32

Good morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Milly 06:24

Its a.lot quicker now !

Milly 06:23

Morning all

"B" 04:52

hHi Helen, found the photo of Dan & family. I don`t seem to have posted a photo...

Helen 02:07

On your account, B, do you have a photo that you added, perhaps at the time You signed up. Dan has one on his account, and it's a sweet photo of Heather, Dan and Baby Rowan.

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