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Shoutouts Archive (26th December 2020)

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26th December 2020

Helen 19:16

That really sounds very wet there.

Neil 17:43

As you say, Helen, Who Knows? Ho! Ho! Ho!

Helen 17:23

I missed the shot, Milly.

Helen 17:23

Well, perhaps he spends winters in Lapland and summers in Canada. Who knows?

Milly 17:12

I wonder whats being shot at ?

Neil 17:10

Deer! Deer! thanks Helen, I didn't think I saw them when I passed Lapland, now many years ago, though I think many Folk still talk of Santa being at home in Lapland from what I hear

Helen 16:53

Of course, the North Pole floats around, so sometimes it's on your side of true north and sometimes on our side.

Helen 16:52

Neil, I have to correct you - Santa lives in Arctic Canada. We have reindeer, too. We call them caribou but they are essentially the same animal.

Neil 14:32

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ric, perhaps that's a q' for Santa to research when he returns to Lapland!

Ric 14:30

I think it's good that boxers have their own day, but what about wrestlers or martial artists?

Neil 14:06

Happy Boxing Day Everyone...

sarah 11:40

Good morning all

sarah 11:39

Good morning all

Ric 09:49


Cindy 09:06


Milly 07:15

Hello to Sue and Margaret.

Milly 07:13

A bit milder today and rain,Helen. Morning all

Helen 01:24

Raining. I think it might be snowing here again ....

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