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Shoutouts Archive (24th December 2020)

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24th December 2020

sarah 22:46

Well merry xmas everyone

Helen 21:03

Gives them something else to look for besides marauding whatevers on the other side of the Pole.

"B" 20:56

Yes Helen, NORAD have been doing christmas duties for may years

Helen 17:44

NORAD is the North America Defense System, managed by the USA and Canada. They always have a special job on December 24.

Helen 17:43

Report from NORAD is that Santa is over India right now and moving quickly. He will be picked up by the RCAF out of Bagotville Quebec and then from Cold Lake Alberta. and they will escort him to the border with the USA. No word on whether or not he has been vaccinated, but he is keeping his distance high above us.

Helen 14:19

Dan, your cheeky snow didn't stay. It's coming here tonight, and we expect there will be enough (2 cms) to officially call it a "white Christmas".

Helen 14:17

Ric, I'm sorry about the plants. Some will be hardy enough, but it's difficult to cover them all.

Helen 14:16

That's a lovely blue sky and some evening sun shine. I decided I would be lazy on Christmas Eve but I hope you are all ready for Santa.

sarah 13:26

Good afternoon all

Dan 12:59

Just had a cheeky bit of snow at LambWatch HQ

Dan 12:59

I think the light is something to do with a nearby farm park possibly but not 100% sure

Ric 12:43

Yes, that is so odd, Helen. Enjoy it while you have it! We have 3 nights of freezing, with Christmas night down to 26. Many of my plants will likely be killed. Only so many I can protect.

Neil 11:57

Good Christmas Eve Morning & a Happy Christmas Everyone & Sheep too...

Ric 10:06

Morning all.

Cindy 09:02


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 06:13

Morning all and Merry Christmas every one .

Helen 02:14

"It" has almost set.

Helen 02:06

I has almost set now but it's easy to scroll back and watch it make its progress.

Helen 01:58

Quite lovely to see it.

Helen 01:58

I looked back - you're right. It is isn't often here that you see it - I don't think they have many clear nights in that part of N. Yorks/Lancs.

"B" 00:45

The moon is brilliant!

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