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Shoutouts Archive (22nd December 2020)

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22nd December 2020

Helen 20:33

I think there's a witching hour. Perhaps when the children go to bed?

"B" 19:47

Seems to have gone again!

Helen 18:34

It seems to flicker, but that could just be the atmosphere.

Helen 18:33

I don't know. I wonder if someone over there has set up a search light as part of their Christmas celebration? It's certainly very bright right now.

"B" 17:54

Hello, I wonder what the light source is. As someone whose job was theatre lighting it makes me curious.

Helen 17:02

Bright light for Santa is up on the hill again.

Margaret 16:12

Hi Dan, I'm glad it was you that caused all those e-mails.. I thought you had a hacker

Dan 15:39

Hi all, sorry if anyone received any strange emails from LambWatch today. You can safely ignore them. It was me testing the new website software and forgot to disable the notifications :

Neil 14:44

I saw a view as best as Andy op. shetland webcam could capture on the webcams... I hope you're all enjoying a Good Day...

Helen 13:15

That might be the case up here, too, but it was a cloudy night so who knows?

Ric 11:39

No, it was too low on the horizon for us to see,

Helen 11:38

Good misty morning to you all. Did anyone see the star last night (not I.)

Ric 10:39


Debbie 09:19

Good morning

Cindy 09:07


Milly 07:38

Morning all

Milly 07:38

Cloudy here too ,Helen.

Helen 02:25

I hope someone, somewhere, can see the conjunction of the two plants. It's cloudy here.

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