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Shoutouts Archive (18th December 2020)

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18th December 2020

Helen 23:33

It's a blazing light early in the evening. A lot less right now. Looks almost like a searchlight in the early evening. Now it's just a twinkle.

"B" 22:24

On the practical side, maybe someome just felt the need to light their more brightly...

Helen 21:58

Still there but fainter. I used a magnifying glass and could still see it.

Helen 20:56

Maybe it's a radar station for Sant to get his bearings? It must be a seasonal thing - I've never seen it before. Might be someone's version of a Christmas star?

Ric 20:02

Usually turns off about9:30.

Helen 18:12

The bright light is back on the far hill.

Helen 13:20

Hello, all. It's very cold today, bit inside and outside, so the wind must be from the north. Nice sunshine, though. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Neil 11:56

Hello All,

Ric 10:19

Morning all.

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:28

Good morning

Milly 06:54

Poor sheep, are going to be growing webbed feet ! With all this rain !

Milly 06:49

Morning Helen and all, well my sore arm has gone now too.

Helen 02:00

Steady rain - sounds as if it's coming right through my computer. I must check to see if there are any puddles on the desk.

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