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Shoutouts Archive (17th December 2020)

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17th December 2020

Helen 16:57

Well, just looked back but nothing to see - "Raindrops keep falling on the lens". OK, I'm leaving now.

Milly 15:31

I can hear sheep crying out

Milly 15:27

Afternoon all

Helen 14:07

I was making a pre-emptive strike. Hope it works.

Ric 12:28

Yes it is. I had shingles and it was really bad!

Helen 12:27

Oh, ric, I didn't have any of that but a red mark on my arm and very sore for three days. Better than shingles.

Neil 11:36

Oh! I'm pleased to hear you're not suffering now, so near to Christmas!

Ric 11:31

Yes, thanks, Neil. That was back in July when I got that injection.

Neil 11:30

Good Morning All, I do hope you're soon feeling better Ric. Try & Enjoy your Day Everyone...

Ric 10:28

My second Shingrix shot I had flu like symptoms for almost a day.

Ric 10:27


Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

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