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Shoutouts Archive (16th December 2020)

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16th December 2020

Helen 21:57

Sorry, Ric - brainless today and mis-typed your name.

Helen 19:04

Yes, Rick, here too, in the great white north (which isn't white at the moment.)

Helen 19:03

Oh, that will pass, Milly. I had one of those after my second Shingrix shot, but it goes away.

Ric 17:15

Getting dark so early now!

Milly 16:43

Yes fine Helen, but for a sore arm ,

Helen 15:40

Oh, what a lovely sky!!! 15.39.40

Helen 14:26

Good news. Milly. Hope you are feeling fine? Back in three weeks.

Milly 14:08

Had mine yesterday Helen,

Helen 13:15

I think we are going to get hit by the edge of a big storm in the northeast USA - howling winds here but no snow yet. We'll see. Anyway, enjoy your day there. Get in line for your V-shot.

Neil 11:54

Good Morning Everyone & Every Sheep Everywhere...Enjoy Your Day...

Ric 11:07


Cindy 09:06


Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Milly 07:20

Rainy day today

Milly 07:18

Morning all

"B" 04:28

Perhaps Helen is right & it`s Father Christmas; it`s in England...

"B" 04:26

Light is still there at this hour but not as bright & seems to have a flicker... Maybe it thinks it`s Halloween!.

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