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Shoutouts Archive (11th December 2020)

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11th December 2020

Helen 22:12

Oh, well, with all that water last night, maybe it has to dry out.

Ric 17:50

Came back for awhile and went again.

Milly 17:30

Aww,no cam 😪

Helen 15:40

There's nothing like capturing a moment in time, and playing it over and over.

Neil 14:01

Hello All... Now You Lovely Sheep which 1 of you I wonder has probably upset our webcam views of you today?

Ric 10:48

Camera feed is hung from half-hour ago.

Ric 10:48

Morning all.

Cindy 09:09


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 06:39

Morning all

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