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Shoutouts Archive (30th November 2020)

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30th November 2020

Helen 20:13

You're safe, Ric - we usually send stuff north east and it lands in Yorkshire or Scotland or the Hebrides.des

Milly 18:53

Frost in Florida ?,very strange , we may have snow ,at the weekend .

Ric 18:22

Yes, I see that system. Keep it up there!

Helen 17:05

Ric, that system that is going to give you frost is brings us rain right now, and snow tomorrow. Woohoo - such fun.

Helen 17:04

Lovely sky right now, black and white.

Helen 13:25

Oh, Happy St. Andrew's day to all. I'd like to say I am wearing Cameron tartan today, but alas, I'm not. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Neil 11:37

Good Morning & Happy St. Andrew;'s Day Folk...

Ric 10:29

Morning all. Rainy here too. Florida going to see frost the next couple of days. Very strange!

Cindy 08:52


Milly 06:51

Morning all

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