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Shoutouts Archive (27th November 2020)

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27th November 2020

Helen 23:52

Guess I won't see the moon tonight - too many clouds there.

Helen 21:17

Glad that's solved. Get a good night's sleep. Once I start making mistakes at the computer I know it's time to quit. Don't work late.

Neil 20:15

G! -- Hmmm! sorry for the pun, the "G" file being the trouble maker, but I've solved it! Somehow, a little circle with "NF" lay to the right of all the page details. i clicked that & it said, the e/mail of NF could not be found....& then i managed to delete it, & the page of info reverted to normal & has now printed normally! Phew! I must have clicked something last night to have brought that into being, but I'm not going to try & find out what , at this stage at least. Yes, thanks, for the idea of using System Restore which I looked at & it appeared to be a bit drastic, fearing what else I may have lost. I certainly couldn't write out all my addresses, with the arthritis I have in my hands & fingers, just like my Dear Mum, Bless Her!, Now I can press on, thank fully after catching up on other necessities & sleep, too, I think it was because I was sooo tired last night that I caused the error! ...can't get the staff!!!! & Yes, I heard another sheep bleat a little while ago. many thanks for your help Helen & "B". Pls feel free to PM me "B" or anyone else's address I don't have for 1 of my Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas greetings creations.

Helen 19:51

I just heard one, too. Sorry you are having so much trouble, Neil. I gave up trying to print address labels about ten years ago, and write things by hand. My overseas Christmas cards are in the mail, mostly. But can you do a "system restore" on your computer. That could take you back a few days, before you made the changes.t

Neil 19:28

Hi "B" & Helen, Yes, i see what you mean about killing the power & switching off for 10 minutes or so, but i htink it's too late for that as the p.c. has already remembered whatever change has been made when I think in my tiredness I must have inadvertently changed a setting, & then saved the change, before then turning the power off overnight, so I'm slowly comparing the settings e.g. margin, page layout etc with the other lettered files. so thanks for your help, hopefully I'll get there slowly but surely. I've also tried copying the data of G file into a new files, but then realised it also copied whatever change inadvertently made .. creating a blank column to the right of the ruler at the top of the page! that appears to be the key change ...I'll get there eventually, thanks. Btw I heard a sheep bleat a little while ago!

Helen 19:05

In our family, it's "Pull the plug and wait ten minutes". Works with almost everything, even the kettle.

"B" 18:43

Hi Neil, killing the power is usually moere succesful than closing the file, it tends to remember the mistake rather than what you want. Going back to an earlier point might help, depends on so many things...

Neil 17:22

Hi "B" many thanks, yes i was hoping that as the problem occurred last night it would have rectified itself when i switched on again this morning, but not so far, 7 not even after closing the file & re-opening it a few times. I'm trying to print my address files, one per alpha letter, as i have quite a few for each letter, but I htink i must have clicked something last night for the "G" file when I was tired, & now when I try & print, just the 1st page of that file it prints in a much smaller print, too small for us as addresses I then usually cut out & paste onto envelopes. I've been busy with other thigns up to nwo today but now I'm going to bring my p.c. closer to me so I can have better look ...& "give it a good talking to .. & see if the same fault occurs with other letter files. Many thanks, I'll let you know how I get on. Sorry, Dan, I've just remembered about using the PM for future!

"B" 16:49

Hello, Neil, when I worked at CBC & things went awray as a last resort shut it down, count ten seconds, turn on - surprise it often works...

Neil 16:24

Good evening All, Hope you're all ok, I'm having a busy day with p.c. problems too, Enjoy your day, all...

Helen 14:54

have the sheep all gone shopping? Nary a sign. Well, it's black Friday and they don't have to isolate.

Helen 11:26

Good morning all. How nice to see the field. Have a great day.

Ric 10:48


Cindy 08:54


Milly 06:44

Thank you Margaret, for my birthday wishes and 😊

Milly 06:43

Morning all, lovely to be outside again, thanks Dan,

"B" 03:41

Neat shot of the moon....

Helen 02:29

It's shining right over the lights of Earby, looking a bit Christmas-card-ish.

Helen 02:28

And there it is, in all its glory, at 2.28.

Helen 02:05

Oh, there's a moon. It's just setting behind the clouds. If anyone is looking, check back to 01.59.

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