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Shoutouts Archive (26th November 2020)

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26th November 2020

Helen 22:59

Better now - I can even see the outline of the sycamore tree. So glad to be 'outside' again.

Helen 21:51

Visibility fading.

Neil 21:20

I heard the forecast is for Fog tonight so your "Window" probably won't stay alight for too long!

Helen 21:08

Have lights, and Earby, and maybe even stars, now. Back to normal. Thanks, Dan. I need my countryside escape hatch in the midst of a busy project. We're at the right time, too, from what I can tell.

Neil 20:28

Whoops in my speed, I hit the wrong key & was intending to type "B" at the end of my last mssge. As helen says I have jsut heard a sheep bleat. They are probably discussing how they are going to cope with outdoor life again, particularly if Errol has suitably performed & they are now preparing to nurture lambs!

Neil 20:26

I noticed the view change just before 164256 Cam BST time if that helps

"B" 20:21

When I said 3.5hours back I was calculating for where I am, Central Standard time in Canada.

"B" 20:18

We are looking outside . approx 3.6hours back from the present time the camera image was moved to outside. My computer gives me a backtime from the present - very confusing,, You are correct Helen, there are no lights showing but we are outside.!

Helen 19:10

Well, I hear them and I just heard the owl, too. So we're live!

Neil 19:03

They are perhaps being prepared for outdoor life again!

Helen 18:35

I don't mean Selby - I mean Earby.

Helen 18:35

I don't think we are 'outside' yet, as I can't see a thing. Not even the lights of Selby. Maybe it's a fog?

Helen 18:34

I guess we won't know for a while, Neil. Time will reveal all!

Neil 17:02

Thanks Dan, does that that Errol has now performed satisfactorily "all round", I wonder?

Dan 16:44

Beautiful sunset tonight. I've just switched to outside.

Margaret 15:23

Happy Belated Birthday Milly...

Helen 13:26

It looks as though the sheep have moved out?

Helen 13:26

Happy Thanksgiving if you are watching from the USA. Please stay safe and well.

Neil 12:42

Hello Folk, & Happy Thanksgiving to All Celebrating the festival, .. Try & stay safe, well & happy Everyone...

Ric 10:43

Morning all. Happy Thanksgiving to any in the U.S.

Cindy 08:53


Milly 07:32

Morning all

"B" 05:21

i just saw the mouse!

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