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Shoutouts Archive (24th November 2020)

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24th November 2020

Helen 20:13

To be honest, they have an assignment, and they just have to get it done.

Neil 18:57

Yes,, it's no good trying to pull any wool over their eyes, they certainly know what they are doing!

Helen 16:45

No, they seem quite single-minded about what they're up to. Mostly food, and romantic encounters in between. Keeping life simple.

Neil 16:14

I wonder if any of them had thought of learning how to control the webcam to increase their chance of privacy, or even learning how to talk with Dan about it! Baaaa!

Helen 16:07

I went back and watched that section - for a few minutes I thought we were having a 'menage a trois', as another ewe seemed to want some attention. It's hard to have these intimate moments when there's a whole audience of Yous watching.

Neil 15:56

1551: Well something suddenly startled them all & shook Errol into having another try!

Neil 15:41

Hello Milly, I hope oyu're well; It looks as though Errol is being allowed to have another attempt, but most likely unsuccessfully, with Ewe looking back as if to say, "Well come on Errol, get on with it, if that's what you're wanting!", but then Errol walks away!

Milly 15:30

Afternoon all

Helen 14:01

Well, that was a failed attempt, and Errol looks very disappointed. Has sat down to mope.

Neil 13:34

Good afternoon All .. i hope you stay in & stay safe Helen.

Helen 12:15

Hello again! Our snow melted yesterday and now it's all frozen. That will make walking a bit of an adventure. I don't plan to go out.

Ric 10:47


Cindy 08:53


Helen 06:08

Good morning. I see them now. Just couldn't see them earlier.

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